Xfinity allows you to watch all the online content with the best sound and audio quality. Xfinity has so many devices like home theater PCs, game consoles, or other internet-connected devices. Download the Xfinity streaming player from and activate the same by entering xfinity activation keycode.

How to Create an Xfinity Account?

Procedure to create xfinity account to access wide range of videos with xfinity is given below:

1. The foremost step is to open your mostly used web browser and visit:
2. Mobile app users are needed to open the xfinity app.
3. After that, go to the sign up option.
4. Enter your login details like username, email id, password, etc.
5. After that hit the create account button.
6. Your Xfinity Account is created.

How to Activate your device?

Let’s activate your device by following the mention below steps:

1. Visit URL: in your web browser.
2. Enter your xfinity activation code and click on continue.
3. Follow the onscreen prompts to begin activation
4. Users should have their account information with them ( If they haven’t yet then setup a username and password ).
5. Connect it to your Home Network and after completing the activation.
6. Connect your devices to WiFi if your Gateway or modem supports a wireless connection.
7. After completing all the screens you will be able to access Xfinity.

How to Remove or Rename the Registered Devices

The steps to remove or rename the registered devices are given as follows:

1. Log in to your xfinity account and then tap the services tab.
2. After that, you have to navigate to the services page.
3. Under the Internet panel choose the manage internet option.
4. Swipe down to the Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot connected gadgets.
5. Choose the managed services to edit your device name, select rename.
6. Finally, you can choose to remove or eliminate the gadget from the list.
7. A notification shall pop up at this time, thereby confirming the action.